At weekends and during the month of December the restaurant will be available to large parties nightly for dinner, with two sittings at, 7.00pm and 9.15pm followed by karaoke downstairs in our private, soundproofed rooms, until late - especially Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant has a full bar licence and we serve until 2.30am at the weekend while the kitchen stays open until 11pm. During peak times (9pm to 1am) advance booking of karaoke rooms is only available to our dinner guests.

Our new booking policy for December
Due to an enormous amount of no-shows and very late cancellations last year during December our booking policy has unfortunately changed. We will now require a valid credit card number and mobile number to confirm any reservation of more than 4 people.

There will be a non-refundable deposit of €100 for up to 10 people and €200 on bookings of up to 20 people so we kindly ask that you be absolutely sure of your dates and times before commencing with a reservation.

You will not be penalised in the event that some of your party are absent on the night.

We will phone or email in the run-up to your reservation to confirm final numbers.

If you know of any late changes it is imperitive that you call before the night of your party in order to avoid disappointment.

Thank you for your time, please take a look over our packages and let us know when you would like to book.

Kind Regards
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